Friday, October 15, 2010

Dish out some tricks with your treats!

This was so much fun to make! It did creep me out a bit while making it though. I love making these stands & coming up with ideas for something for the holidays helps change it up a bit.
You’ll need plates , glasses (from local charity resale shop) plastic spider, glue gun, epoxy & a ceramic paint pen & sand paper. You’ll also want a face mask to block the epoxy glue fumes as well as safety glasses.

Sand all pieces on the spots they will come in contact with the glue (bottom / top of glass, middle of plate etc.). This assures a complete bond. You’ll want to have your protective gear on for this.

Make sure that the plate you want to paint the web on is free of dirt and dust. Using the ceramic paint pen draw out the web. I find it helpful to look at a template while drawing it out.

Once dry, bake in oven for 20 mins @ 130 degrees. This will give the paint staying power through washings. Check the directions on your ceramic paint for exact directions. Some brands require different bake times.

Now your ready to glue. On the bottom plate glue your plastic spider in the middle with your glue gun. Mix your epoxy according to directions. Apply to glue to top of wine glass rim. Place over spider. Allow glass to adhere. Usually about 5 minutes. Then apply the epoxy to the bottom of wine glass and place web painted plate on top of it. Done! I usually wait about 24 hours before using . It just gives the glue more time to fully adhere.

Imagine your guest reaching for their treats! It’ll be so much fun to see their expressions. No worries. This little spider is safely contained.


Nancy@el vigilante said...

What a creative idea. I can imagine all sorts of goodies to put in it. Yummy cupcakes come to mind right now. :)

SkippyMom said...

So cute - and I was thinking like Nancy - candy on the top and cupcakes on the bottome [and I have so many white plates.]

texwisgirl said...

That is too cute! You're very very creative!