Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty Thursday......Globe Light

I saw this in my Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself magazine……

I found some yarn at the thrift store last week. Just $.075. Much to scratchy to make anything I’d want to wear from it. I bought it for the girls to use for misc. craft projects (they can really use up my yarn stash!). Then I saw this globe lamp. They suggested using yarn dipped in fabric stiffener. But I had white glue on hand & thought I’d give it a try!
All you need is some white glue, yarn,& large balloon.

Make sure you have a space you can make a mess. This project is SUPER messy! Blow up the balloon. In a bowl, pour one container of glue.

Slowly add water to the glue until it becomes a soupy texture. You don’t want it too thick. It won’t soak into the yarn well.

Using a foam brush cover the balloon with glue mix. It just helps the hold the yarn as you start to wrap it. Now get your yarn ready & began to wrap around the balloon.
Every once in a while stop and fill your foam brush with the glue mix. Spread it over the yarn. Repeat this process of wrapping and gluing around the balloon until it your happy with your pattern & thickness. Make sure all the yarn is soaked in the glue.

Now tie it up some where safe to dry. Mine was dry with in 24 hours, but I gave it an extra day just incase. When it’s dry pop the balloon & remove it from any open space in the yarn.

To use this as a light you’ll need bulb unit. I had one already from IKEA ( super cheap-$6).

Then to help keep the bulb in place, cut a slit in plastic lid ( a butter dish lid or Pringles chip lid works well ). Slide the wire through this slit. Place the whole unit with bulb into yarn globe. If you can’t move some yarn to make space, you might need to cut a small area & slide it through.
Plug in ! I have no idea where I’m going to use it. But here is a few areas to give you an idea of how it could look in your space…..
Such a fun project & I love that it actually worked out too !!

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Found some hearts!

I am loving this heart finding business !! I always keep my eyes open for them now. Heres what I found....

On the side of an old wagon at the Museum of Science of Industry.

                                                                     In Lucy’s water bowl!

Those darn cats are such stinkers to her. Almost everyday they will come by & knock food in her bowl. But it worked out great for me! I found a heart from it! (don’t worry..I cleaned her bowl after the pic!)

And yesterday morning …..

Just off the porch ….dried up leaf. Nice way to start my day!
Off to see other hearts shared!!…….

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Travel Tuesday.....Paris streets

The moment we got of the train both Todd and I were excited, but so tired.

As we were walking in search of our hotel, we entered a small street with just a few people. Then …. a woman shouting from behind us. I think we both jumped! Then in front of us this man turns around, drops his bags right there in the middle of the street. The woman comes running past us & they both embrace , hugging & kissing. It was like a scene straight out of a movie. Only it wasn’t. It was right here in front of us. That is how I started my first trip to Paris.

View from outside the Hotel Du Centre & from our window.

Day & Night
View down the road from our window

At the end of our street was the famous Folies Bergere. We had no idea we were that close when we booked that hotel. You could see it from the window. I’ve always seen so many posters for this place. It was very cool to see it for real.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Its not a very good one. I had to take it with the window closed. I didn’t want to startle the little old lady feeding the birds. It was about 7 am.

This is the market where the lady had been standing. The market has just opened. I love all the fresh flowers!

 On the Champs Elysees. The building was under construction. I love how they disguise it :)

This is the market I tried my best at speaking French. I got what I needed, but I had no idea what he said back! At least I can say I tried!!
Next week I’ll share some of my favorites from Monet’s garden in Giverny. It was so absolutely beautiful. Here’s a sneak peak…..
Au revoir!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

April Foolshi

I just realized we’re only a few days away form April fools day! I have a few things up my sleeve this year. April foolshi is something I’ve had on my list to try to make. There are so many different variations of this I've found on line. I decided to make mine from what I already had in the pantry. It was super easy & turned out pretty yummy too! Yes, I ate it. That’s the best part of making something new   : )
I used a fruit strip (fruit roll up would work great) 4 mini marshmallows (2 green, 2pink, 1 of each color broke in half) , and coconut.

Roll the fruit strip into a circle & press ends together. Then add 2 mini marshmallows to the bottom of the circle.
Put some coconut on top of them & fill up the fruit circle ½ way. Then using the halved marshmallows and a small piece of the fruit strip, press together & stick in the middle of roll.
Fill the rest of the way with coconut.
Throw some coconut on the plate to look like some extra rice. Grab your chop sticks & enjoy!! I will definitely make a plate of these for a little tricky fun on Friday!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

10 minute Easter wreath

This wreath really only takes 10 minutes & its super cheap too! Total cost....$5.
I bought 2 bags of 40 plastic eggs ($ 2 each) & a wreath for a $1 all at our Dollar store. I had ribbon & glue sticks on hand.

First place a few on the wreath to see how you’d like to arrange them. Then place a few small a drops of hot glue on areas of the eggs where they touch the wreath. Continue around the wreath gluing eggs as you go. Fill in around the edges to give it more fullness.

I only ended up using about 70 eggs. You may need more or less depending on the size of your wreath.

Add your ribbon & hang!

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