Sunday, March 13, 2011

My 7 things

Ok, I cheated on my 7 things about myself to accept the Versatile blogger award on Friday. But it was just so nice out I was in a hurry to get out there & play. So here’s a my official 7 things….

1. I love poetry.My favorite?  Emily Dickinson. I used to love writing poetry. But I really haven’t written much since the girls were born. ( Other then the little “ditties” that I sing around the house, to the kids, … to our pets! )

2. One of the best things about spring is getting to ride my bike again. I finally bought a bike attachment for my youngest.

 She’ll be able ride for so much longer with us now. No more complaining “I’m tired”. She can peddle or not. It can detach for when I’m on my own during the day. I hope to get a chance to try it out this week.

3. I wish it didn’t bother me that my girl are growing up…fast. I try to be happy that they’re now able to do so much on their own & becoming their own people. But I want to dig my heels in the ground and stop time for just a little while. I want to soak up every minute.

4. This one may shock you….we don’t have cable TV (or dish etc.) 2 years ago I was sick of paying the dish bill & watching it go up. We hardly watch TV and it drove me crazy to pay that bill. So we cancelled it! We have since bought a small antenna that picks up local Chicago NBC, ABC etc. & the girls get their favorite PBS cartoons. And the best part…an extra $60 in our pocket!

5. Every year I try to think of something new I might like to learn. Sometimes I actually learn it other times I loose interest. Last year it was playing the guitar and learning Spanish. Well, if the cords C,D&G count then I learned a bit of guitar. As far as Spanish goes…. I only know a little bit….or Un poquito. Mucho to be learned there!!!

6. This years “something new to learn”…Knitting hats.

…learned….made a bunch….(easier then I thought)

And since we’re going on our trip next year, the girls and I are trying to learn the basics in German ( hubbys teaching us) and I’d like to refresh my basic French. I used to know some, but Bonjour & Au revoir doesn’t cut it . I think a few more words would be nice :)

7. I have always wanted….a golden retriever!!! But my husband does not want a big dog. He says I won’t be able to stand the mess of all the hair. Plus big dog = big poop. We’re so used to little Lucy it would be a huge change. But I still want one. Someday…..until then, here’s my golden retriever Buster…

Addy dressed up Lucy for their picture :)
He’ll have to do for now! No shedding, no poop & no vet bill. He takes turns sleeping in the girls rooms as well as hanging out in the family room too. Lucy even shares her bone with him!

Ok….I think I’ve made good on my 7 things :)


texwisgirl said...

Good girl!!! :)

I love the bike attachment! I hope it works well! My heart stretched a bit when you talked about your girls growing up too fast. I can only imagine... The learning new things is cool. I admire folks who refuse to stop learning and actually go out of their way to pick up new things (even muy poquito).

Dawn said...

Love the 7 things:)
I KNOW! The bike thing is such a wonderful activity in spring-fall. I always look forward to that!
Good for more learning....always inspiring when you hear of someone trying to grasp a new language. Oh if only I was that willing! (Maybe I just need to go on a trip?;))

Allison said...

Je vais volontiers t'aider avec ton fran├žais quand tu viendras nous rendre visite! :D

And I'm with you on the cable TV. We have just four channels: two French, one German and one Italian. Fortuantely for us, some of the shows are broadcast in the original English and you can programme your TV to show English whenever available. We watch the 7:30 news in French, hubby watches 10vor10 in German and I watch CSI in English... and that's about all the TV we watch! Good for you!

Love your list!

Out on the prairie said...

The trailer bikes are a real pleasure. You can encourage them to help up a hill. I had that with a trailer attached to it so I was 15 feet long.TV is nice , but as a family i got rid of cable so we would do things outside more and find pleasure in ourselves.I would need a 37 ft anntenae where I live so I was forced to get service.When service rates go up I call and tell what the competitor has cheaper and they leave the rates alone.

Mamamotherlode said...

When I went to France I learned how to ask where the bathroom was, tell people to take the amount on money I owed them out of the wads of unfamiliar bills in my hand and say where is my hotel from here? Problem is, I didn't understand the answers.

Canyon Girl said...

It's so nice to learn more about my blogger friends this way. I didn't know you wanted a large dog -- I have three and they are a lot of work. Everything they need is more: longer walks, more food, bigger poop, and so on. Not to mention brushing and all that. We don't have TV either. If we need news, we get it on the computer. We enjoy movies on our TV.--Inger

sapphireblue said...

The only reason I have cable is because of my husband. He's the one that wants it. Everything I want to watch (pretty much) can be obtained online or Netflix. God forbid, anything happens to him, the cable would be the first to go.

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

Oh Trisha... we have every freakin' channel that Dish offers. My husband is a tv freak. I don't watch much and honestly could do without all those channels. Good for you and your family for cutting the cord!

Trisha said...

Glad to hear I'm not alone on watching TV :) It does make you get out and do more!! & Inger- I love to live through you and Texwisgirl on your big dogs :) Your dogs are so cute!!

Allison said...

Excellent fran├žais! ;) You made me laugh!

Allison said...

... so I'm trying to find your email address so I can tell you the gorgeous owl bag came in the mail, but I must have saved your address wrong. So now I have to make it public... Trisha's bag (which I bought on etsy) came in the mail and it is even cuter in real life than it is on the website! Thank you Trisha! Oh... I just found your email address.

Nan said...

Hi Trisha, so you snowed us with your first list, eh? LOL. Here's something to help convince your hub to get a dog - tell him that when he's gone you will feel safer having a dog. He can't argue that!