Monday, November 15, 2010

Its here!!! Cake Plate Give away!!! And the winner is.....

Here it is!!! The give away is here!!!! I have given you each a # in order as it appears in the blog follow list. It is as follows…..

1.KellieHolubow. 2. Hoalisw 3. Kimberly 4.Barbra Kruzewski 5. Krista Abbatichia 6. Nicole CoWallis
7. Celistia  8. Barb&Steve 9 Littlegreengardengirl 10.mary-jo 11.Nancy 12. Skippymom 13. Kristin
14. Linda Wildenstein 15.Teresa 16. Sandra 17.Shawn 18.Treehugger31 19. DrHeckle 20. Nubilus
21. Sapphireblue 22. Andrea Padilla 23.Christy Mack 24. Prairie Wind Designs
25. Kate 26. Resweater 27. Tracy DeLuca 28.LyndaB 29. Boom

True Random Number Generator Min:1 Max: 29  Result: 11 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

You’re the Cake Plate winner! Please send your address to me at
But she’s not the only the only winner here…..Those of you that have posted about my blog give away will also be receiving a “little something” as well! I couldn’t have done it with out your help!!

Linda in New Mexico
And of course My Aunt!!!

Please email me your address as well so that I can send your thank you gift!! If any one else has posted about my give away, please send me the post & your address so I can send your thank you gift as well !


SkippyMom said...

YAY for Nancy! Congrats.

And thank you Roundabout - that is very sweet. I like sharing neat blogs with friends, so it was no problem.

Thanks to your Aunt for steering me this way! :)

Tracy DeLuca said...

Congrats to the winner (s)!!!!!

Nancy said...

Trisha, I received the cake plate last night! It's so pretty! Please hop over to my blog to get all the details and my heartfelt thanks.