Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dress up your mirror

I don’t like “plain” anything , and that includes the basic mirror we had in our master bath. So I decided to fix that. Just add molding!

I love molding almost as much as I love my glue gun. If I can find a place to use it , I do. This mirror was no exception. Since I used wood corner squares, the rest of the molding is simple straight cuts.

You’ll need…molding, molding squares, liquid nails ,caulk, caulk gun (for the glue & caulk) high gloss paint, tape, saw , miter box, tape measure.

First measure the straight edges of each side of the mirror. Subtract the inches of 2 wood corner squares. That will give you your length need to be cut for that side. Using a simple saw with a miter box will help you keep your cuts straight & even. I chose to paint my molding in a high gloss paint first, since it was in the bathroom, would need to be cleaned & handle moisture.

Once all pieces are ready, pick a corner to start from & get your liquid nails. Apply a good amount to the back of one of the corner squares. Press directly to corner of mirror. Tape square on as well. This will help keep the wood from sliding out of place before it has a chance to dry.

Apply liquid nails to the next long piece of molding and secure the same way. Now add the next square to cap that molding. Apply the same as before. Continue this until all molding is applied. Be sure to use tape again to hold all pieces in place while drying.
When dry, remove tape. Using calk, fill in small gaps between the molding. Your done! Now you have a custom look for your mirror for a very small price.


texwisgirl said...

Nice job! Like the square corners too - saves you from that dreaded doesn't-fit-quite-right-angle stuff. :)

Linda in New Mexico said...

I love this. I do this too. My husband calls this the "fluff and press". He says I just can't leave well enough and so????? you say that like it's a bad thing.
I love the mirror...great moulding. Great job. The Olde Bagg, Linda

sapphireblue said...

Nice job!

Roundabout said...

Texwisgirl- I know..nothing worse then not getting that correct fit. I don't even attempt the angle stuff anymore :)

Linda- I agree with you! If we left things as is, life would be boring!

Out on the prairie said...

What a nice job, I like what it did for the mirror.I have been glueing, and didn't think of the hot glue gun for some of it. I got a gingerbread house, and that white frosting is all over.

Nancy said...

Wonderful job! Can you come over and do my mirror now? I have about 10 different projects going and my house is an absolute mess. But I will keep this one in mind after the holidays.

Barb and Steve said...

It's beautiful Trish :-)