Friday, December 17, 2010

Multi use for past Christmas cards

I love receiving Christmas cards each year! But I used to feel so bad about tossing them out after the season is up. So about 5 years ago I started putting my favorites aside each year to reuse as tags the following year.

You can dress them up with ribbon, or cut them out in interesting shapes. The possibilities are up to your creativity
You just need past xmas card, scissors , hole punch,& ribbon. Chose pretty little areas of each card & cut. Then punch a hole & attach to the present with the ribbon. This is also a great project for the kids to help with. Its fun to go through the pile & see what each of us comes up with.

When you get a gift from us, you just might find your tag is your last years Xmas card!


texwisgirl said...

That's very cool. Very nice way to keep passing the spirit along!

Nancy said...

I save all of my old cards -- I like looking through them and reading the comments or notes. I sometimes use unused leftover Christmas cards for tags and such. Great idea!

Out on the prairie said...

I have seen making boxes with them. I have a major stack, but made all I gave out this year.

Roundabout said...

Boxes! I love that idea! I'm going to try that out.

SkippyMom said...

Nice idea with the gift tags and the boxes from Prairie is awesome too. Thanks ladies.

I like to use them and make postcards out of the cover part. Christmas cards are usually sturdy enough to resend. :)

Dawn said...

Good idea!
I love it when we can use something over again:)
Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Paula said...

I started doing the same about 2 years ago and use them for gift tags, decorations, etc. It seems such a waste to throw them away.