Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to school

Well in just a few weeks its time to get back into a daily routine…school !! And this year will be a drastic change for us. My youngest is off to Kindergarten!!! I can hardly believe it. My oldest will be starting 3 grade which is just as crazy!! They honestly were my babies just yesterday & now they’re off . But the biggest change will be with me. I will have each day until 3 pm by myself. This is good & bad. Bad because I’m not mommy-ing every minute. Good for the fact I can focus on some of the things I just haven’t been able to get to.

First thing on the list….BE ON TIME. I have changed my front entry way closet into a great catch all for us & guests. Since we are in this room to watch for the bus each morning I have decided to add a big clock that no one can miss! But me being me I have to change it.
First I unscrewed the frame from the base. Removed the glass, which I’m not putting back in. Its just so heavy & not even necessary . Then to transform this dull black & silver frame I am painting it a rich brown color with arcrylic paint. Using a simple foam brush. Its so easy I let my 5 year old help.

Once dry, just screw it back together & your set. It seems like a such a small thing to do, but it makes a huge difference.
They foyer closet is another great simple project. Just remove the door from its hinges as well as the hinges from the frame. Paint inside of closet to match outer walls. Then add standard molding with coat hooks. I even added coat hooks on the inside side walls at a lower level for my smaller guests. This project takes only about an afternoon worth of time. Its been great for us & can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner!

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Barb and Steve said...

I love your ideas! You inspire me to get busy on some fun (and useful)projects.