Saturday, September 4, 2010

Craft shows - here we come!

We did it! Our first Roundabout craft show! Its been a while since I’ve done a craft show. The last time I did one was when I was selling jewelry & was just 20!

 Since starting Roundabout this summer, I knew I was going to start doing them again. Its great selling my items on & its a lot easier too! But its fun getting out there and being able to “see” peoples reactions to my items & see a happy face when they take their items home! So nice to talk with them & meet other crafters as well!


We also sold “puppy & kitty cuddles” made from repurposed clothing. 40 % of the price went to Tails Humane Society ( ). Thank you so much to those who bought them!! My girls & I will be delivering the $ to them tomorrow .
      I will be making more of these fun stuffed critters & some smaller ones with “squeakers” for all you dog lovers out there that want to give your own “best friend” something special & help the shelter too! As soon as I get a chance I will also be adding them to my etsy shop as well                                    

I’m sure we’ll be doing many more shows this holiday season & can’t wait to meet more people! ( Although some of us will probably sit the next one out! )

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