Sunday, September 19, 2010

TAILS Humane Society

                      Yesterday the girls and I went to our local animal shelter TAILS
 ( ). We dropped off a donation from the recent sales of my sewn items sold at the craft shows.
We love going there! Since we adopted our Molly & Annie from there it’s even that much more important to us. They have grown up (2years old now) to be the best cats in the world! They are the most loving & personable cats ever. I’m not even a cat person like the rest of my family & those kitties have changed my thoughts on cats completely.
And lets not forget our little dog Lucy. She loves those cats too! They actually play together at times. I even caught them napping together!

I’ll be adding more items in my shop this week that will also benefit the shelter. I’m hoping with the holiday craft shows & sales at my etsy shop we will be able to bring donations in on a regular basis. It just feels so great doing it!
Of course the best part for the girls is getting to play with all the animals. Its so hard to get them out of there! I’m always worried I won’t be able to leave with out bringing a new “baby” home!

But I can’t guarantee that I won’t bring home a puppy one of these times. I’ve been saying for the last couple of years we need a new puppy! Now that my babies are both in school all day I might need to adopt my new “baby”. We’ll see!

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Nancy said...

I <3 gray catties for batties! So beautiful. And Lucy is a doll. Hugs to you for donating to your local shelter. Inspiring.