Saturday, September 11, 2010

Repurposed T-shirt Tote

So I was checking out what was new on  yesterday & saw a post about using old t-shirts for shopping totes. I just fell in love with this idea!! I was going to wait until Monday to try this for myself, but I couldn’t help it. I had to try it tonight! While the kids were running around with Daddy outside, I got to work.

I started with an old brown shirt I had, turned it inside out & then cut the sleeves off. Next I pinned the hem around each sleeve area to give it a more finished look. Then pinned the bottom of the shirt which will be the bottom of the tote.

Using my sewing machine I then sewed both sleeve areas & bottom. I actually sewed the bottom of the shirt a few times over just to give it more strength since it will be carrying item daily.

And finally, I couldn’t help crocheting a little flower to add to the bottom to give it some character!

I’m going to surprise my sister tomorrow with her new tote! Her & her husband love to hit the farmers markets on the weekends & this will be just perfect to carry all the yummy finds. Plus, its so nice to just be able to toss this tote in the wash when its time for a good cleaning.
I can’t wait to make more!! I have so many ideas to give these totes some fun looks!


Barb and Steve said...

That looks great Trisha! I had a feeling you'd be trying this idea right away :-)

Nancy said...

I love recycling! My middle name is recycling--Actually, it's Ann, but I digress. I'm excited to see what else you have planned in the way of projects. Kudos!

SkippyMom said...

I love it - I saw your Aunts and knew I had to make some too [perfect way to cull my husband's large t-shirt collection :D] And the flower is a cute touch.

Would it be okay to write about your giveaway on my blog? I already have you on my blogroll but since you are new I thought I could let my tadpoles [my friends and readers] know about you? Thanks.

Roundabout said...

Thanks to all my new followers! & SkippyMom ...yes, I would love for you to write about my give away on your blog! Thank you so much!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

very cute. i'm so untalented (especially when it comes to sewing) that i just marvel at the things that others make.

Kristin said...

I thought about you when I came across this blog post:

Definitely something easy and repurposed...and SO CUTE!

If you decide to make them let me know!

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