Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Multi-purpose display & catch all

Recently I need to come up with a way to display my totes and “puppy / kitty” cuddles for the craft shows I’ve been doing. I needed something that was easy to cart back and forth to the car & able to give me options to do arrange my display. But the best part….a pleasant surprise! It also makes for such a great entry way catch all! Please read on to find out how.

I looked around the basement & garage to see what I could find. I love trying to come up with new ways to look at an item. So I found wood, molding, a thrift store chair, paint & a coat peg hanger, and decide to whip up this display with no $ spent!!
With all the materials listed above I got to work. First I removed the seat from the chair. Then I painted the wood & the chair white. Next I attached the 2x4 wood pieces to the back of the chair with screws. Then on the front half of the chair I attached the molding with screws as well. That way visually it just looked nicer . At the top I used large screws to attach the expandable coat pegs to molding & 2x4s.
I needed to replace the old seat with some new material. I had a neutral pillow case that worked great. I just cut to size & stapled to the bottom of seat. DONE!

It ended up being the perfect height for the hanging the totes & holding the baskets of cuddles. To my surprise, I hadn’t thought about what a great catch all it could make by the entryway or mud room! I just love multi purpose items!
It takes up so little space. Its so easy to store in the basement when not needed ,but also easy to bring up when you have a party for extra coats etc. If you use it every day why not throw a basket under it for shoes , hats or whatever you might need to store on a daily basis .
Though this was a no cost project for me, it could easily be a  cheap $10-$15 project if you hunt for supplies at thrift stores or even in your own home!


Linda in New Mexico said...

What super duper idea....I love multi function things like this too. Time savers, space savers, green stuff.....yay for you. Thanks for sharing. The Olde Bagg

sapphireblue said...

Way to upcycle.

Nancy said...

I like the way your mind works. The catch-all chair would be great for a children's room I bet. Way to transform those recyclables!

Kate Pabst said...

Super genius!!! I love this. I love that it was zero cost and zero waste. Also, not only does it fill its function perfectly but the look really compliments your products. Well done!

Out on the prairie said...

You came up with another charmer, I bet you get compliments with it at shows, or even get offers to buy it. Left you a note on your book clock blog.Nice site and great ideas.

Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch said...

I came over to visit because Nancy told me to. Her cake plate is beautiful that she won from you. I joined so I wouldn't miss any of your great ideas.

Canyon Girl said...

I too came to visit because Nancy linked to your blog on hers. The cake plate is very pretty and I love all the things on your blog. I too will follow you so I can keep up on your ideas and and maybe learn a thing or two.--Inger