Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sporty Girls Bedroom

When I first started to think of ideas for my older daughters room décor, I knew she was going to want something sporty . She and I went through paint samples over & over until she decided on blue for the her walls. But if you know me, you’d know that I can’t pay full price on anything. So off to the “oops” paint section at Lowes & Home Depot we went.

It doesn’t always work out that we find the color we want but if you give yourself a couple weeks, you’ll usually find the color that’s similar to “your pick”. We got lucky.! Home Depot had a blue she liked! $ 5 for a gallon of egg shell finish paint.!
Once painted, we decided on a “star“ theme. Her bedding has stars so we went with it. My sporty girl had to have her mini basketball hoop. So rather then just putting it up, I tied it into the star theme… a painted star backboard.                                        
To make this, tape off the section of the wall that will be the backboard. You can get technical and measure a perfect star or just wing it like I did. Start with long strips of tape to start forming a star on the wall. Move the tape here & there until it looks like the star you want. Now your ready to paint. Chose your color & go! I went with pink since it matched her bedding & curtains.
Then attach the hoop in the middle. The nice thing is when she‘s over this phase you can easily a turn this in to a new focal point by adding a shelf, picture, or just paint over it.. In the mean time, her and her friends love shooting hoops in her room!


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Angie said...

What a cute idea!