Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Wishing Tree

Here’s a fun idea for your New Years celebration that could last the whole year long….New Years Tree. It’s a great center piece to add to your party . If your keeping your gathering small , it would be a fun project to work on together as a family tonight.

This tree was made by my sister . For her wedding, they decided instead of a guest book, she made a wishing tree. Guest would leave a friendly note & hang it on the tree as they entered . This not only looked beautiful, but she now has a pretty display in her home.

I love this idea so much that we decided to use it for tonight’s party to collect all the things our guest will be looking forward to in the coming year. We’re calling it our “wishing tree”. It will be fun to look back on to see what we’ve all shared.
All you need is a vase and some branches from the back yard ( or from the craft shop), pretty paper, hole punch & some ribbon, Leave the branches natural or why not paint them !
Then make a cardboard cut out of a simple leaf. Now use this template to trace & cut leaves out of pretty scrap book pages . Make enough for each guest . Using a hole punch, punch a hole in each leaf & tie a ribbon on to make for easy hanging.

Place a pen with the vase & scatter leaves around the table. It makes for a great conversation as well as a unique center piece! This could be used for so many different gatherings, and makes for a great way to display it even after the partys over :)



Out on the prairie said...

This really looks fun, I have never seen it.Have a good celebration with your family and friends.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

this is very, very cool!

texwisgirl said...

Well, if I could add one to your tree, it would be for continued good health, happiness and fortune for you and your family for 2011!

Barb and Steve said...

Great idea for tonight. Thanks! Happy new year to all of you (and your mom & dad :-)

SkippyMom said...

My wish is for more fun crafts from you! Oh and what Texwisgirl said too - YAY!

Great idea Roundabout. I think I may make this a permanent fixture in my living room.

Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

That's something I've never seen before -- and I do like the idea. I imagine you could take off the prior wishes and save them in a scrapbook of some kind. Too cool! :)

Roundabout said...

Nancy- Yes! Saving the wishes in a scrap book is such a great idea. It would be fun to look back each year.
Thanks for all the New years cheer everyone!!

Andrea Padilla said...

I love this idea! Sooo pretty! I'm getting married in October and I can see this as a potential "guest book". Thanks for sharing!!