Saturday, February 5, 2011

Apple Bacon Quesadillas

It's Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow & that means football & food here! I thought I’d share a tasty and super quick finger food you can add to your party.

Depending on the amount of people you’ll need to feed will determine how many apples & bacon you will need. To give you an idea, this recipe makes one quesadilla cut to 8 small slices. For that you’ll need 1 apple , 2 to 3 pieces of bacon ( we use turkey bacon since I‘m not a red meat eater), & 2 whole grain tortilla.

Cook bacon (micro or stove top whatever your taste). While bacon is cooking, skin and cut up an apple to small 1 inch pieces. Once bacon is cooked & cooled , break into small pieces.

In a skillet, combine the apple and bacon pieces over med. low heat while covered. Allow the juices from the apple to blend with the bacon for about 2 mins. Remove lid & stir with spatula until apples are tender.

Spread brie on each tortilla. Then transfer apple bacon combo to one tortilla. Press second tortilla on top. Place back on top of med low heat, flipping after about a 30 to 40 seconds for each slide . Slide back to plate & cut into 8 slices.

I just love this combination of the flavors together. Make a bunch for appetizers, or one for a great lunch or snack!
Though our team did not make it to the Cowboys stadium, we went there back in November. Here's a few fun pics.

The Bears wish they were standing in that spot Sunday!
"this place is huge!"
 Even though this is the first time there will be no cheerleaders at the Super bowl....we'll cheer for them! But I refuse to wear those outfits :)


Out on the prairie said...

What a nice combination of flavors.I have a wheel of brie I got to bake with pie crust, but you need a lot of eaters. This I can do in smaller portions.

Dawn said...

Oh YUM! I want those for breakfast!!!!!

texwisgirl said...

I've not been to the new Cowboy stadium yet - and this is NOT the week I'd want to be there with all the crazy Steeler fans and Cheeseheads running around! :)

You'd make a good cheerleader though!

SkippyMom said...

Yum, yum, yum - great combination.

I tagged you on my blog. Inquiring minds want to know. :D

And my husband is incredibly jealous you have been there AND on the field no less. :)

Allison said...

Well, at least you'd look great in those outfits if you were actually to put them on (which I agree I would never do. Can you imagine? Those boots with those tiny shorts?)

I'm going to try those quesadillas. I made BLT last week for the family and that was a BIG hit!

Anonymous said...

Oh...YUM!!! This sounds so delish!!! My daughter would love these, we are going to have to give them a try!!!!
Love the stadium pics, too cute of you cheerleaders, love that. (and why is it everything in Texas IS bigger except those cheerleader uniforms? LOL!)

Nancy said...

Interesting combination and one I would never have thought of!

I think the powers that be should make an exception and let you girls be the cheerleaders this year. Very cute :)

Canyon Girl said...

That looks delicious! Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday even if your team is not in Dallas today.--Inger

~Tonia said...

Those look really good!! But I guess anything with bacon woudl be good!Lol

sapphireblue said...

Wouldn't catch me dead in one of those outfits.