Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

This has been one of those crazy busy days & “Thrifty Thursday” almost became “thrifty Friday"! But I made it! Its still Thursday & I have a couple of items to share. These were 2 items that just made my day. The first is this oil painting.
Yep, that says $3.45 .

I was actually in the check out & saw this laying on its side by the register. I was drawn to it for some reason & I instantly wanted it. I knew it would work some where in our house or I’d make it work .

The frame was originally dark brown. I’m sorry I forgot to take a before pic. But trust me…it was not very pretty. So with some creamy paint, I freshened it up.

The softness of the flowers and the colors ended up making it a perfect fit for our bedroom.
I just love all the detail.

And what was I in line to buy when I found this?
Already soaking my tea bag...
This pretty little mug!!
I have a thing for mugs. We have no matching mugs in this house. I love to drink green tea everyday & it’s much more fun to pick your “mood” for the morning. This cost me a whole $0.50 . So my fun thrifty finds for this week cost just $4.25! I think that’s a pretty good Thursday : )


colenic said...

Love the mug....and the picture....thanks for sharing..

texwisgirl said...

Very nice! :)

Dawn said...

Love creamy white frames....can never have enough!
I'm a mug lover too...that one is pretty:)

Nancy@A Rural Journal said...

The painting looks ideal in your bedroom, Trisha. It matches very well -- great buy!

And I have a thing for mugs myself -- I can never pass up a cute one. Never. :)

Babbs said...

Trisha that painting is perfect!!! Love it and it looks right at home there, SO PRETTY!! Great find, and I LOVE your mug too!!! It's so funny that you mentioned mugs and your mood, because I am EXACTLY that way when I pick my morning mug or dainty coffee cup, depends on my mood!! Love your treasures girlie.

Paula said...

The frame is beautiful and what a great find as new frames can be quite expensive, also like the mug, it's so pretty.

Canyon Girl said...

The painting fits so well in your bedroom, like it was made for that spot. I like this Thrifty Thursday idea. Great post.--Inger

Out on the prairie said...

I have a favorite to drink from, I never got the cups with my dishes, I like mugs.An old variety of roses, perhaps a valuable artist.I laugh wheni go to my oldests and see all the stuff I gave toher to pare down my belongings when I moved to a smaller home.She fixed tea and I asked why she was using my mug.We traded.

Allison said...

Though none of my mugs match either, I have a favorite mug at my house. Know where it's from - Egg Harbor Café in Naperville! ;)

You've made me want to go back to the thrift shop now!