Thursday, January 13, 2011


              That’s right….you heard me correctly. I have to come clean and admit my affair.
OK. So its not what you thought. But I couldn't help myself!

My affair is with coffee. I used to drink coffee several times a day. I loved it. I looked forward to waking up to have it…I couldn’t wait to have lunch so I could have my dessert with it….and sometimes when I was tired when the kids got home from school , I would have another cup to keep me going.

Green tea with milk & honey...mmmmm

Sadly when I didn’t have it I would end up with the most excruciating migraine. Loved the taste, but hated the hold it had on me. So last year I gave up coffee. I became a tea ONLY girl. My green tea has some caffeine but nothing compared to my beloved coffee. After a few very tired weeks & lots of Ibuprofen, I made it. I wouldn’t even allow myself decaf. I didn’t see the point if it didn’t have caffeine. Now that’s all changed…..

In all the years of enjoying coffee people told me I should invest in a Keurig brewer. I was just too cheap to pay that much for a machine to just make coffee. But this xmas my husband really wanted one (of that I don‘t drink it). As a surprise, I bought him one.

See my sad tea pot crying in the corner?

I’m in love again. I have no idea how that machine can make it taste that good? I now have bought myself French decaf and look forward to it everyday! I know it’s his gift, but its insanely good . I’m sorry green tea….I love you…but I’m still going to have my coffee ( decaf anyway ) .

Here’s a yummy dessert recipe using coffee ……..

Mocha Java shake

½ cup cold prepared strong coffee
1 chocolate bar ( your choice )
Blend on high speed until chocolate is chopped into small pieces
Add 2 cups of ice cream (coffee, chocolate or vanilla)
Blend on high speed, using On/0ff action until smooth.
Pour into glasses
Serve immediately.
Makes approximately 2 - 8 oz. servings.

Its such a great dessert !!


texwisgirl said...

LOL! I have to have 2 to 3 cups each morning, but refuse to allow myself to have more during the day and especially at night as it does keep me up. I do enjoy green tea after dinner, tho, so I guess I've got one foot in each camp. :)

Glad you came clean (and yes, I do feel sorry for your tea pot...)

Out on the prairie said...

I used to be a two pot a day drinker and more sometimes if out. I cut it off, thinking decaf wasn't real and tried all the teas.I only drink coffee when I am eating out now.I miss it more when I have a lot of typing, it used to make it go smoother.

Roundabout said...

texwisgirl- I used to drink 2 cups every morning too. Green tea is great in the morning but it just doesn't wake me up like coffee used to :(
Out on the prairie- 2 pots a day! Wow that must have been so hard to stop! I know what you did used to me the focus to get things done.

SkippyMom said...

You are so cute - and your title made me giggle when I saw it. :)

I am happy my beloved in-laws received a Kuerig for Christmas because we were gifted with there Mr. Coffee - because our daughter [I kid you not] STOLE our Cuisinart Coffee maker to take to college.

Which she brought back over Thanksgiving and it was wrecked because she dropped it. Cracked this and cracked that and the button that turns it on was hanging out.

So, um, yeah...happy to have a [used] new coffee maker so Hubs can have his morning coffee.

I am a tea person myself. :D [Was this TMI - sorry about that. giggle]

SkippyMom said...

*their not there, oops

Nancy said...

No tea for me. I'm a java girl, through and through. I drink a pot in the a.m., then I'm done. It's one of life's simple pleasures. :)

Canyon Girl said...

I don't like it when you have to have a medical procedure fasting, no coffee, and you get those darned headaches. I stopped for several years for that reason, but I'm back too, but manage with one large mug in the morning to wake me up.

I love the beautiful things on your blog. And that dessert sounds yummy!--Inger

Roundabout said...

Canyon girl- The dessert is very yummy! & thank you :) I'm enjoying your blog as well.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I just love the way you post.
I just awarded you an award on my blog....don't hate me, cuz I really like what you do. The Olde Bagg, Linda

Jaymee said...

Yes! I agree, my mom started me with the romance of a Keurig last Christmas and I got all my sister in-laws addicted too! I should be a sales person for them:)
Have a great weekend!

Kate Pabst said...

hahaha! I realized I had an unhealthy relationship to coffee when I was pouring myself ANOTHER cup one afternoon and said out loud (in an empty house) "Hello my love!" to the coffee streaming into my cup. I think affair is the perfect way to describe it. I've very jealous of your husband's machine!