Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project organization has begun!!!!

This week I have attempted to get rid of all the clutter in our mudroom/laundry room. I’m am so tired of the collection of useless stuff that has ended up in the closets , baskets etc. Through out the week I have made it my mission to end “the madness”!!!!

First thing…create a calendar space and note posting station. Using things I already had around the house, I made a “go to” spot. This is right by the door to the garage. That way we can always check to make sure we’ve remembered that days events on our way out. I first hung our dry erase calendar . Then using cork board squares (left over form a previous project) I surrounded the calendar. Its become great place to hold date cards & important #’s that need to be up through out the year. On the bottom of the this area, I glued scrap paper to the cork to give it a little eye candy. I used molding (more scraps from left over projects) to enclose the whole area. Last I hung a small basket on a hook next to this area to hold the dry erase marker & wipe off cloth.

On the back of the door to the garage I created a bill center, weekly school notes, and monthly reminders. Using magnet peel and stick backing I wrote things like, “this week”, “due now”, etc. Then using magnet clips I have placed bills and notes in the correct rows.

On the bottom of the door I have magnets written for the girls to take turns placing the days of the week and weather of the day. We’ve been using these on the fridge since my 9 yr old was 3. My 5 year old is the one who still loves to do this daily , but occasionally the 9 yr old still fights her for her turn .


The last paper clean up idea I’ve done is school paper baskets. Placing 2 baskets on top of the fridge labeled each with their initials will help me keep their daily school notes and home work straight. I bring them down before they get home each day & we put what is needed to be saved in together. Then back up on the fridge & out of my counter space!

Next week I’ll show you the work I’m STILL doing on the closet in that room…..but here’s a pic of what I took to the Salvation Army for donation yesterday.
I filled the back of our SUV!!! I still can’t believe this all was some how in that room!


texwisgirl said...

Oh good for you! I know how good that feels to get rid of stuff that maybe others can find useful! :)

Out on the prairie said...

It is organization that I lack and the clutter builds.When I taught it was easy to find homes for my old clothes. Now I just go through my closets and take out things I don't wear all year and drop it off at the mission.I still have the clutter in my basement and office, even with many shelves.I would like to see your dog Lucy, mine is Yorkie/Maltese, a Morkie.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

looks good. i need to get some organization going on around here.

Nancy said...

Seems everyone in blogland was getting organized this week past week. I'm really starting to feel the pressure. ;)

Looks great -- now the trick is keeping it that way! Have a great weekend!

sapphireblue said...

Ugh! I'm such a mess!

Out on the prairie said...

Wow, I can't believe the similarity in Lucy and Lily.The yorkie prevails, mine needs a trim so she can see and not pick up as much snow.

Roundabout said...

Out on the prairie- Its amazing how much our dogs look alike! Lucy is always ready for a hair cut..evey time she gets one shes furry again!