Monday, April 11, 2011

A few finishing touches

I have a few more quick ideas to show you from this quick & inexpensive Easter table. Each of these items were purchased from the $ store.
Peep napkins
Paper rectangle napkins, ribbon, and peeps are all you need. Fold out the napkin. Tie ribbon once around the middle.

Place Peep in the middle & tie a bow. Make sure you do this them morning you plan to use them if you’d like them to be edible! They turn hard as a rock otherwise  : )

I have a tip. Always have a set of cream or white on hand. They go with any table at any time.

I have just added yellow paper plates to the tops of them & VOILA! Done! No cream plates? Check out your local thrift shop. For what ever reason there always seems to be plenty of that color available : )

Bunny place holder
 This entire piece came from the $ store. I just glued a plastic egg with my daughters name on it. Tie it to the chair & done!! Want to go even cheaper? Write names on plastic eggs. Glue to ribbon & tie on to chair!

Table runner
I actually used my daughters old curtains. I just recently switch them out. These extra curtains matched the peeps colors perfectly. So this was a freebie. Look around your own home. You never know what could be used : )
All super simple projects. Kids & adults will love this fun and some what edible table!


texwisgirl said...

i prefer my peeps hard as a rock, thank you. just kidding! :)

Dawn said...

So pretty!!!!!

Allison said...

I always keep old pieces of cloth for this reason! I'm not nearly as talented as you are, though!! This is inspiring... now I'm trying to think what I could do for easter!