Friday, April 1, 2011

Last minute April Fools!!!

Hurry ….RUN!….. You still have time! This will take you 5 minutes. You just need some sort of board that can hang or just use plain old paper & makers. Put this not so friendly sign on your front door & stand back and see who notices!!

I have a “Welcome” sign that hangs in the foyer. I just put some white paper over it.

Using some paper letters I had laying around, I glued them down to leave this “Un-Welcoming” message
Take the Easter wreath down for the afternoon & put up your "Un-friendly" Welcome sign. Just remember to take it down tonight! (unless your not a fan of your neighbors :) )
Here’s a few other fun April fools we played on each other today……
Toothpaste spill
Nail polish spill

Both bought at the $ store last week. The girls each get to keep them. They were pretty excited. My younger one looked so shocked when she saw the nail polish. I think for a moment she may have thought she was about to get in trouble! (which makes me wonder….when has she ever got to use nail polish with out my help? Humm…sneaky girl!)

And mother nature was SO FUNNY today. She made it snow! Yeah, here I thought it was spring. The birds sang this morning & the sun was shining. The Cubs even have their opening day today (sure sign of spring right?) . Nope . Giant flakes fell from the sky. But it has stopped & now it just raining . Whew!
I did not care for that April Fool today!!  :)


sapphireblue said...

I wish I had that nail polish. Then I would blame my daughter. So funny!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love the "go away" sign idea. I think I might keep it up year round on purpose--we've been getting a TON of salespeople lately and usually my house is too messy for visitors anyhow. :)

Great Dollar Store finds too. Unfortunately, the spilled nail polish was a real sight in my house last week--there still remains a lovely purple hue on my tile!

maggie@midwesternsewinggirl said...

LOVE that sign!!! Too bad we live on such a quiet street...the only person who would see it would be husband when he got home from work...;)

SkippyMom said...

I love the sign too, very cute, but I think I live on the same street as maggie but on the east coast. We are at the end of a dead end and my hubs and daughter would be the only ones.

Great dollar store finds too. :)

Have a great weekend.

texwisgirl said...

You're too cute. Your girls are so lucky to have you as their mom!

Trisha said...

I'm so bad...our street is not busy at all. We're on the end of an unfinished neighborhood. So its really a for the girls & their friends when they get home from school today :)(kinda mean-i know) I wonder if they'll notice? We'll see!

Eyeliquor 2 said...

Ha ha ha :))
Have a fun weekend :)

Nancy said...

Oh, I think they will notice! :)

Glad you had fun with April Fool's Day.

Nancy said...

Great blog! Great projects and crafts! Very impressed!
I'm gladly following back from the blog hop! I'll be back again to visit!

TJ @ said...

New follower from Friday Blog Hop. Have a good night! :-)
Measuring Flower

Allison said...

My kids would have loved those spills!

Your front door is such a pretty color red! Would you mind taking a picture of it sometime so I could see how your house looks? (all in the name of building, you know. ;)

Out on the prairie said...

I can still hear myself ranting about being careful with the nail polish.LOL You got them the best with this.