Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrifty Thursday.....Tea Cup bird feeders

On the last few hunts I have found so many pretty odds & ends of china. Each spring I sit down & start to mix and match the pieces to soon become little bird feeders. Some I add to my etsy shop & some I can't help but keep for myself :) This is such a simple project. Most china in the thrift store I shop at run me only $0.29 a piece. Cheap project…but big impact on your garden. And what bird wouldn’t want to enjoy a treat from such a pretty perch?!

You’ll need a plate, tea cup (or any glass that will be able to hold bird food), ½ inch copper cap, ½ inch copper rod or wooden dowel cut to desired length, sand paper & permanent glue. I like to use Epoxy or E600.
Sand the bottom of plate where you will be gluing the copper cap. Sand the top of the plate where you will be attaching the cup. Sand the bottom of the cup as well. Its important to get a good bond & sanding will help ruff up the surface to assure this.

Glue the cup in the middle of the plate. Allow to sit for a few minutes.
. Then carefully flip over & glue the copper cap in place.
Now let the entire piece sit & glue cure as per the directions of the glue your using.

Once ready, get a ½ inch copper rod or wooden dowel to place your tea cup bird feeder on top. If your going to add it to a flower pot you’ll only need a short one. But if adding it to a garden then you may want a couple feet.

Now fill with food & wait for the birds!

These types of feeders need to be filled more often. But the bonus is how pretty they look in the garden. Here’s one I made from a tea pot I found.

I filled the whole tea pot with food. Its so cute to watch them stick their little heads in there!

I’m going to be sneaky and try to get a few shots of the little finches that have been stoping for a snack through out the day. Stay tuned  : )


texwisgirl said...

that's too darn cute. i'd need about 40 of those or a couple of BIG platters with gallon tea jars attached to them to feed our hordes. :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

How cute! I've made candles out of teacups but never a bird feeder.

Nancy said...

Those are adorable! My husband made some that were similar, but used coffee cups instead. I just need to figure out how to keep the seed from getting all wet when it rains.

Nancy said...

I love them both but my fav is the teapot. Thankyou for visiting my blog. I just love your blog and creative-ness ;-)

Michelle said...

Love this idea as a bird feeder!! I've made them as dessert plates and such, but not for the outdoors!!!

Natalia Lynn said...

Wow, great idea! Love it!

Allison said...

I was just thinking about Nancy and Theresa and all their BIRDS! :) Cute, cute, cute!!!

Paula said...

What a great idea and I especially like the one with the teapot, it's so cute. We have 2 bird feeders but were shop bought, so not very pretty. I'll keep an eye out for pretty plates and cups to try this out :-)

Inger-M said...

That's both pretty, useful and creative!

JuneBug said...

That is so cute, and what a great idea! Lili has been begging for a bird house/feeder - I think I'll hit up the thrift stores soon!