Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog smiles & MANY Thanks!!

I have a few bloggy smiles to share today! I was featured at

I was so excited to see my globe light as one of the projects spotlighted today that I’m darn right giddy! Many thanks to Hasley at Spunky Junky!! She has such an inspiring blog. I’m in love with this lamp

Made from styrofoam balls & beads! I see a lamp project in my future……

She also has a linky party each Friday. Check it out. But I must warn you, clear your schedule…you’ll get lost in all the great project ideas !

Paula over at Homemade Life tried out my brownies !! She ordered up her own Perfect Brownie pan & they turned out great!! The pan she found is even better….it’s rectangle & makes 18 brownies. I want that pan too! (The more brownies the better!) Shes always sharing great recipes & crafty ideas. One on my list to make...
This sweet pincushion. Check out her tutorial!

And I’d like to say a big thank you to Lanell over at Hoot-n-nanny for her kind words on my book page wreath : )  She shares my love of tearing up books! Between her crafty projects & her delicious recipes
(You must try this easy mac & cheese! )
I’m always excited to see what’s next!!

On a recipe note…..I have something I’m so excited to show you!! Tested this out on 14 girls this week (brownie troop) & got rave reviews! I had 9 yr old girls begging me to give their moms the recipe. Just wait until you see it! This one is just too much fun : )  I’ll share it tomorrow!


texwisgirl said...

Congrats to you for your blog hugs!!! You deserve recognition for your incredible craftiness and artsy eye!

Nancy said...

You are so creative -- everyone knows it and now, you have an award to prove it! :)

Diane Writes said...

The lamp is lovely. It doesn't look like it was made from styrofoam from afar. The pin cushion is cute too. At first glance, I thought it was food. hahaha

Eyeliquor 2 said...

Well done!!

Allison said...

Wonderful! I just may try that mac and cheese. And by the way... ALL the things you make are adorable. I'm a fan! :)

Paula said...

Thank you Trisha for the lovely comments you always leave on my blog.

We all loved the brownies, and the proof is that by Friday morning there was only one left out of the 18 I baked on Wednesday :-)

Beverly said...

I L O V E that pin cushion cake. I wanna make one too!

Following you back.